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inLinx: The New Social Networking Site That’s Starting a Buzz

The globalisation of technology has made social networking a vital part of lives for people across the world. Social networking sites enables people to connect with their friends, families, colleagues and share information. The rise in social networking users worldwide is estimated to reach 3.02 billion, up from current 2.62 billion users, according to Statista. […]

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My Shopping Experience at Walmart and Kmart Stores

When I first started shopping at Walmart and Kmart, I thought it was a blast. I mean, I really had fun shopping at these two great stores, when I first shopped at the two stores in 1992. And I have been shopping at these two great stores for a long time now, and I still […]

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The Brand Store with the Best and Lowest Prices; Is it Sears or Kmart?

One of the biggest discussions that most shoppers indulge to is figuring out between the Sears store and the Kmart stores, which one has the best prices that are lower than the other and who has the best deals. First and foremost, you should be aware that the Sears and Kmart brand stores were initially […]

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The Top 10 Products from Walmart and Target with the Lowest Prices

Walmart and Target stores are considered to be the cheapest stores around the country. However, it is argued that one is more expensive than the other or one has better quality products than its entrant. The difference in pricing is quite insignificant, but the size of the store or the number of stores each have […]

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The Best Prices For The Consumers

Finding the best price for a product that you are looking forward to purchasing can be hectic. Different stores around the country offer different prices for various commodities. However, this price range may not be of much significance, but when you add all the savings incurred after a period, it is exceedingly substantial. Fortunately, Price […]