inLinx: The New Social Networking Site That’s Starting a Buzz

The globalisation of technology has made social networking a vital part of lives for people across the world. Social networking sites enables people to connect with their friends, families, colleagues and share information. The rise in social networking users worldwide is estimated to reach 3.02 billion, up from current 2.62 billion users, according to Statista. […]

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My Shopping Experience at Walmart and Kmart Stores

When I first started shopping at Walmart and Kmart, I thought it was a blast. I mean, I really had fun shopping at these two great stores, when I first shopped at the two stores in 1992. And I have been shopping at these two great stores for a long time now, and I still […]

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Understanding Types of Price Comparison Websites

Most online stores either specialize in one category or provide price comparisons for a large range of shopping items. Take “Go Compare” for instance, a popular British price comparison website that focuses specifically on finding visitors the best prices for insurance. Other price comparison sites cast a wider net. Consider “MoneySavingExperts”, another British website that covers electronics, fashion & beauty, […]

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Top Benefits of Online Shopping That Make Our Lives Easier

Shopping at online stores can make your life easier in a number of ways. Here are some of the top benefits of shopping online compared to shopping in store. Better Prices Online stores are best for cheap prices. These stores save a lot of money on overhead costs which lets them offer their customers really low prices. […]


Tips To Save Money While Shopping Online

There are three main reasons why shoppers prefer making their purchases online rather than doing it in a real shop. First, it is cheaper. Online stores tend to charge lower prices for their products and services than physical stores. Second, online stores save a lot of time for the buyers. Shoppers can go through a much bigger […]


The Majority of Shoppers Use Price Comparison

We live in the age of information. The millennial generation is more savvy and aware of the world around them than their parents’ and grandparents’ generations.  This is especially true when it comes to making price comparisons and finding products at the cheapest prices. Price Competition If you are running an online store and have […]


Showrooming and Webrooming

If you are in the retail shopping business you may have heard of the terms webrooming and showrooming. Both these terms are important for retail businesses targeting customers. Showrooming Showrooming happens when a shopper enters a physical store to check out what products are available for sale. The shopper then goes home and compares the […]


Price Comparison Improves Market Competition

The ultimate objective behind price comparison websites like Price Finder Online is to improve information for both buyers and sellers to increase efficiency of the market. A more efficient market leads to building businesses that are better at growing and handling competition from new entrants and rival firms. An efficient market also ensures that buyers get the […]